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    What you really should realize that you could make messages or these signals to happen. You’ve plenty of say in this regard. Nevertheless, you do not have any control over who does it. This is up to lovers and your followers. This is based upon your relationship with your fans and when…

  2. Read this story. Awesome act of kindness by NYPD officer

  3. (Despite what Facebook thinks, those are not the woman’s breasts.) | 24 Photos You Need To Really Look At To Understand

  4. The sweatpants of my life HAHAHAHAHA Crying because sweatpants more funny pics on facebook: www.facebook.com/…

  5. Pinterest: Facebook for introverts (particularly the opinionated ones, lol!)

  6. Ha! I don’t have a problem with FB, I appreciate keeping up with family & friends…but there have been a few times when this meme rang true!

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    Ripped Muscle X - Is it whats its all cracked up to be! I found this site and wanted to know if anyone has ever tried this product. 

    Its called Ripped Muscle X - Looks very promising, just would like to hear from some other users first!

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    Doctor: How can you say that your girlfriend has 2 holes in her ass?
    boy: Whenever I & my fren go to a party with her, people say, “here comes the sexy babe with 2 assholes.”


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    in 3rd grade my friend watched another friends fish while she was away and they forgot to feed it and it died so they just bought her a new one and she never noticed and that’s the story of how mr fishy lived for 6 years

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